Erica’s attention to detail

“Erica’s attention to detail was instrumental in saving us money on the purchase of our new home. She successfully negotiated down the asking price by asking the sellers to assist with closing costs. She advised that we request some of the appliances stay, since they were in almost new condition. When the final sales price was provided by the mortgage and title company, it seemed a bit higher than I was expecting – she found two clerical errors that would have cost us around $2500.

Erica was flexible in her availability to view homes and provided many wonderful alternatives to the ones that we were also finding in our searches. She gave us excellent advice throughout the process and I can’t imagine going through the closing without her support.

I would definitely recommend Erica Valle to anyone looking for a home in/around Tampa. I heard about her from two other people that had also each worked with her in finding their homes. They couldn’t say enough positive things about their experience, either. She saved us a bunch of money and helped us find (and close on) the perfect home. Mission accomplished!”